Function #1:
Urban Landscape Water Use Assessment Tool

The software identifies locations with "capacity to conserve" water applied to urban landscapes through producing site-specific Landscape Irrigation Ratios (LIRs) that compare landscape water use to landscape water need. This assessment function helps water managers to:

  • diagnose urban landscape water conservation potential
  • direct and tailor conservation programs to appropriate locations
  • promote greater efficiency in urban water use

Function #2:
Water User Information Delivery Tool

The software produces water use reports for individual locations that summarize and interpret the appropriateness of their landscape water use. This information function aids water users to:

  • understand their landscape's water need in relation to current and historic weather data
  • monitor their water use and progress toward conservation goals
  • make landscaping decisions and plans

Function #3:
Water Management Tracking Tool

The software enables water managers to track and analyze changes in landscape water use over time and in relation to weather patterns. This tracking function assists water managers to:

  • evaluate conservation program outcomes and effectiveness
  • encourage water users' long-term habit change through consistent and repeated messaging and through conservation program delivery where and when it is needed
  • prepare for droughts and growing scarcity by fine-tuning water users' ability to water their landscapes appropriately