Research & Case Studies

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District

Innovations in this study included conducting analyses and providing monthly Secondary Water Use Reports generated by the WaterMAPS software in a residential meter implementation project. 

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (District) study titled “Water User Dimensions of Meter Implementation on Secondary Pressurized Irrigation Systems” was conducted with funding provided by the Bureau of Reclamation. This study was the first time WaterMAPS™ software was used to produce site-specific monthly water use reports that provided water users information on the amount of water used, an estimate of their landscape’s water need, historical and current weather data, and a graph that compared their actual water use to their estimated need for the irrigation season. The approach provides timely and actionable information that allows water users to make changes and adjustments in their watering practices over the course of the irrigation season, as well as monitor and reinforce the effect of their conservation actions.

This 2011-2012 study focused on monitoring people’s secondary water use and analyzing people’s perceptions and behaviors as individual meters were installed on residential secondary systems in three areas where the District delivers secondary landscape water. The study analyzed human aspects related to technological change to see whether and how these aspects contribute or detract from achieving the desired outcome of greater water use efficiency. Particular attention was paid to the role that information based on metered data played in promoting water user accountability. Since initially metered data was not being used for billing purposes, this was a rare opportunity to test various ways to implement voluntary accountability and efficiency without using price signals that often incur public resistance.

For further information, see the following technical report: 

Joanna Endter-Wada, Diana Glenn, Clayton Lewis, Roger Kjelgren, and Christopher Neale. 2013. Water User Dimensions of Meter Implementation on Secondary Pressurized Irrigation Systems. Research Report for Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and the US Bureau of Reclamation. April 2013. 75 pages. See: