Resources & Media

    Resources & Media


    Dr. Endter-Wada accepts 3-year appointment as Associate Editor, Journal of American Water Resources Association. 

    October, 2016  

    “Enhancing Homeowner Skills for Improving Landscape Irrigation Efficiency” research presented at 2016 WaterSmart Innovations Conference.

    May, 2016  

    Dr. Endter-Wada presents "Ways of Knowing Water" as an invited speaker at 44th Annual Water Conference, Utah Section American Water Resources Association.

    April 2016

    Utah League of Women Voters invites Dr. Endter-Wada to present “Promoting Urban Landscape Water Conservation”.

    September 2015

    USU Researchers present their work at the annual Intermountain Section – American Water Works Association ConferenceRoger Kjelgren presented  "Simplified Landscape Irrigation Demand Estimation: SLIDE Rules for Landscape Water Budgets and Allocations." Diana Glenn (n/k/a Wuenschell) presented "Tools for Evaluating and Monitoring the Effectiveness of Urban Landscape Water Conservation Interventions and Programs." 

    June 2015

    "Lawmakers drill down on complex water issues" Dr. Endter-Wada interviewed on Capitol Hill.

    February 2015

    "Outdoor Water Use: Abundant Savings, Scarce Research" featured in Journal of American Water Works Association.

    February 2015

    "How Do You Find Water in the Desert?" Dr. Endter-Wada interviewed by Ross Chambless of KCPW

    February 2015

    "Conserving Water Without Reducing Quality of Life", USU Researchers speak at the 8th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium.

    January 2015

    USU researchers contribute to report for the Alliance for Water Efficiency Outdoor Water Savings Research Initiative.

    Fall/Winter 2014

    "The Untapped Potential of Water Conservation” article in Utah Science Magazine.

    Fall/Winter 2014

    "Putting Water Use on the Map" presented in Utah Science Magazine.

    October 2014

    Dr. Endter-Wada presents “Information Technologies to Support Water Conservation” at the 21st Annual Utah Water Summit.

    November 2013

    "Water Needs and Wants" WaterMAPS™ researcher speaks at TEDxUSU.

    October 2013

    Dr. Endter-Wada talks about WaterMAPS™ as invited plenary speaker at Florida Master Gardener Conference, "Working With People to Promote Landscape Water Conservation".

    September 2012

    WaterMAPS™ research featured in Center For Urban Environmental Research and Eduction (CUERE) seminar series at the University of Maryland.

    June 2012

    USU Researchers present “Landscape Water Use Software - Demonstration & Discussion" in Western Water Assessment Webinar.